Horizon Aluminium Trade Ltd. is a new company founded in the year of 2018 in Istanbul by Metallurgical Engineer Mr. Ufuk AKIN (Managing Director). We, Horizon Aluminium, supply ultimately finished parts and components out of extruded and machined & fabricated aluminium profiles to the manufacturers from varied industries for their subsequent processes. In collaboration with our meticulously selected business partners we have an extrusion plant with three presses up to 2.000 Mton capacity where also surface treatments are performed and a seperate machining facility where up to 9 meters long profiles are machined on state-of-the-art CNC milling machines.

Core Reason

Turkish Aluminium Industry offers real cost saving opportunities in as-extruded profiles. By taking it one more step further, we offer not as-extruded but machined/fabricated and ultimately finished parts with more added value so that our customers can get more of it. Making up your ultimately finished part takes bringing those two together, extruder and fabricator. Horizon does it on behalf of you.

We collaborate with few distinguished and high-calibered manufacturers to serve you the best. Once you place your order on Horizon we are on it, all the way from die making till your warehouse.

Benefits We Offer

Cost Saving
Considerable manufacturing capacity of Turkish Aluminium Industry along with the relatively lower local operational expenses brings out remarkable cost-saving opportunities for downstream manufacturers. Trusted Partnership:
Meticulously selected business partners we cooperate are truly capable of making it all.
On-time Delivery
Even the best is useless unless delivered on-time. This motto of us always defines how we organize the shipments with our transportation partner.
Engineering Support
More than twelve years of professional engineering experience of us makes the business more fluid for our customers in every stage.