Horizon Aluminium provides not only as-extruded but mainly finished parts and components; machined, fabricated, assembled. We are specialized in transforming an aluminium extrusion to a finished component so we supply ready-to-be-used parts in your downstream manufacturing operations. Since we deliver turnkey solutions it all begins with die making and pressing (extrusion) of your profile.
Whether standard profiles like tubes, pipes, rods, bars, U profiles or your own custom designs, we produce them for you here in Turkey with an attractive cost advantage and at upmost quality.

Send us the CAD drawing of the profile to be extruded, in return we will work on it and get back to you with our attractive solution offer.

Our production capacity is 1.300 ton/month through our 3 presses; 1.000 Mton, 1.300 Mton and 2.000 Mton capacity.